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Partners & Doners


For the development of Handicrafts /Handlooms in the State OKVA has implemented various schemes since last one decade. Those are like training; Marketing, design Development and welfare of the Artisans, Craft Development Center, Survey & Study, Revival of Languishing Crafts etc., all these schemes/projects have been sponsored by the D.C. (Handicrafts), Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles, New Delhi. The details are given below: -

OKVA organized out of the strong will of some like-minded persons to safeguard the interests of the artisans of the rural artisans. Thus the organization is implementing various programmes from time to time for the benefit of these people. It has implemented a programme exclusively for the silver filigree workers of Cuttack City. As part of the programme OKVA completed the socio-economic survey of the practicing artisans and the report was submitted to Development Commissioner after which the next phase of the programme is supposed to start.
After from the above programme OKVA continued its programme on Marketing of Handicrafts products at big metropolitan cities through organizing Craft Bazars ,Exhibitions , Handicraft skill Upgradation trainings through Cluster Approach & design development workshop on various Handicrafts.