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Program for Drugs

The problem of drug abuse has emerged as one of the major concerns of the human race with far reaching socio-medical and economic consequences. The process of industrialization and consequential urban drift, stresses and strains of modern life have rendered individuals more vulnerable to substance abuse than ever before. Addiction to drugs does not merely affect the physical and mental health of the individual involved, it also disrupts his family and social relationships, which also has a bearing on his very existence as a productive member of society. This trend is more ominous for a developing country like India which is still struggling to overcome its basic problems of poverty, hunger and disease. Experience has shown that the demand for drugs can be curbed effectively only in a society which propagates a life style that rejects the use of dependence producing substances. Abstinence is still deeply rooted in our culture and is strongly supported by the family, community and religion and is therefore seen as the most effective tool to deal with these problems.

In order to fight the menace of alcoholism and substance abuse Odisha Khadi & Village Industries Association (OKVA) started a counseling center with financial assistance from Ministry of Welfare (Now Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment). The counseling center was upgraded to a treatment –cum rehabilitation center in the year 2003.
Odisha Khadi and Village Industries Association (OKVA), from its very inception is working in the field of Drug De-addiction through counseling and Rehabilitation. After working for quite a considerable period of time on drug counseling supported by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, the Counseling Center has been upgraded to a Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation center in 2003.Befitting the objectives of the programme the center is christened as NAVJEEVAN, which literally means a new life. In-deed the objective of the programme is to give a new life to the clients through treatment and rehabilitation.

Addiction to alcohol and substance abuse has become a major problem, especially in the urban areas. Due to increased level of income the youth of today indulge themselves in alcoholism and substance abuse. The ill effects of drug abuse especially in the urban areas are well documented and needs no further repetition. The Cuttack City has one of the highest numbers of drug and substance abusers. Thousands of people are addicted to drugs and alcohol resulting in poor health, mental & psychological disorder and often broken sweet homes.

Addiction to drugs and substance abuse has gained magnificent proportion recent days. A lot of drugs are available cheaply, which has ruined the health an economy of many people and many homes. It is responsibilities of not only the Government and civil society organization like OKVA who has a role in prevention of drug abuse but also the family members have an equally responsibility to help their wards to lead a drug-free life. Nabajeevan is trying to contribute its bit towards the goal of establishing a drug-free society. In a very brief period of its establishment, the center has earned a reputation of providing quality service to the clients.