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ORISSA KHADI & VILLAGE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION(OKVA) came into existence by a group of enthusiastic people who envisioned to exploit the vast human resources who are trained and skilled in traditional art and craft. But despite having a vast network of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen the fact that they have remained as impoverished as ever. The main reason for this paradox is that the people are not aware of their capacity and worth. As a result of which they get exploited by outside forces who make capital out of their skill and the poor artisans and craftsmen are left in the lurch. This group of dedicated people tried to make the traditional artisans and craftsmen aware regarding the value their products can fetch.

To make their effort more effective these people came around a single platform called ORISSA KHADI & VILLAGE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION (OKVA). Since than the organisation has been working tirelessly for the welfare of the target group. In the course of their activities the organisation felt that lots of work have to be done for other sections of the society also. Thus they took up other activities in the fields of health, education, livelihood relief and rehabilitation etc. In the last one decade the organisation undertook many more social development activates.


Soon there people fund a common platform called Orissa Khadi and Village Industries Association (OKVA) to co-ordinate their activities in a better way. In a short period of time their work was appreciated among the rural artisans. Thus to make their activities, the organisation was registered as a non-profit, non-political secular voluntary organisation under the Indian societies registration Act 1860. Subsequently it was registered under various state acts to make it more effective.

  • The organisation is registered under Indian societies registration Act in 1990
  • Registered under section 12a of Income Tax Exemption Act in 1999
  • Registered under foreign contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 in 1994.


OKVA believes that development can take place only when there is decentralization of activities at the grass-roots level and the people are directly involved in developmental activities. OKVA believes in facilitating development rather than taking the task of undertaking actual development. We, at OKVA believe that, economic condition through sustainable development is the key to lead a dignified life for the rural mass.


The organisation is run purely on democratic principles, There is an elaborate structure and well defined constitution of the organisation to run the affairs of OKVA. Besides, people are the real strength of OKVA. Where ever we work we get the unqualified confidence and support of the people in the area which helps us implementing all the programmes in true letter and spirit.


Though we work for all sections of the society, we lay special focus on the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society. Our target group is mainly soura tribal groups of Gajapati district. Besides the organisation works for the following groups. Agricultural labourers

  • Soura Tribes
  • Rural Artisans
  • Assetless Women Workers
  • Small and marginal farmers
  • SCs, STs, OBCs, & Minority
  • Women and Children
  • Socially Vulnerable
  • Destitute


At Present the organisation is working in Jagatsinghpur, Cuttack, Khurda and Dhenkanal districts. The Activities of the organisation are spread across twelve C.D. blocks covering more than 150 villages.


OKVA has a well – experienced and dedicated band of professionals who implement all the programmes in a thorough professional manner. At present 17 professional are engaged on a full time basis and another three are working on part time basis.


The main objective of the Organization is to make every people aware regarding his/her inner strength and to utilize it for his / her own development. The specific objectives are

  • To work for the promotion of Handicrafts, Handlooms, Khadi and villager Industries
  • To bring upliftment of the Socio-economic condition of the rural people.
  • To create conditions to bring about a just participatory and sustainable society.
  • To harness capacity building of the poor people for initiating productive activities to become self-reliant.
  • To promote the spirit of entrepreneurship through training, education, awareness and motivation.
  • To establish linkage & cooperation with other institutions for fulfillment of common objectives.
  • To identify local resources & its utilization for increasing productivity.
  • To transfer and promote appropriate technology for the benefit of common people.
  • To help in increase production in the Khadi and village Handicraft industries sector in Orissa