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The spirit of goodwill and the zeal to work towards making the world a place to live in is fast disappearing. With the growth of materialism and the increasing cut-throat competition to achieve materialistic ends has eroded human values to a large extent. However, it will be unfair to generalize, as there are exemplary exceptions to this rule. Even in today’s self-seeking world, there exists an invisible minority of selfless do-gooders that continue to work for deprived and disadvantaged sections of the society. Propelled by a desire to serve others and the will to enable people to transform their lives, these good Samaritans are the ones who add value to collective life in society.

OKVA draws its inspiration from these noble persons and organisations to do some social good for making this world a better place for living. Led by a group of enthusiastic youth, a small endeavour was started in the early part of 1993 albeit in an unsystematic manner to do some social good. 

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